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local students improved their academic and social skills each year.


local residents are receiving improved healthcare services through community partnerships.


In 2019 federal tax refunds were delivered to 3,030 local residents through our VITA program.

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United Way’s mission is to improve education, health, and financial stability of every person in our community. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be healthy, to learn, and to live with dignity. Our society has an obligation to work to remove barriers and provide support for all people. We must work for concrete changes in policy and policing to reduce risk and violence. We must fight for equity and recognize that our communities of color deserve more than life, they deserve hopes and dreams, the right to access quality schools, safe and affordable neighborhoods, jobs, and careers with economic mobility. The word “United” in our name means something. How we “Live United” matters. Americans disagree on many things, but we all must agree that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and that we are better as a nation when we pull together to confront our crises, rather than let those crises divide us. As Dr. King noted, we do not seek the absence of tension. We seek the presence of justice, in every institution, in every aspect of daily life, and in every plan we make for the next seven generations. We invite all those who receive this message to join us in this work, and help us hold accountable our society, our institutions, and ourselves.

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