Resiliency Grants

Financial EmpowermentUnited Way’s Resiliency Grants program will operate as an ongoing grant program to support individuals identified and referred by the organization’s robust network of community service agencies. The program will play an important role in maximizing the impact of each of these agencies by uniting case management and referrals with targeted financial relief for basic needs.

Those approved for an award through the Resiliency Grants program will designate funding towards supporting basic needs and essential services needed to increase household stability. Approved designations include needs such as auto repairs, car insurance and registration fees, healthcare bills, and rent.

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The Resiliency Grants program, an ongoing assistance program to support basic needs for individuals identified and referred by Santa Barbara County’s network of service agencies and case management organizations. The purpose of the Resiliency Grants program is to increase household stability and resiliency by filling the unique gaps in financial aid that exist for individuals and families under case management.

In support of our service agency partners, United Way’s Resiliency Grants program will provide grants of up to $1,500 for qualifying needs that fall within one of the following areas:

  1. Basic Needs (Needs not qualifying for federal, state, or other local grant assistance programs):  (Medical bills, childcare costs, rent and utility assistance, etc.)
  2. Emergency Funding (Vehicle accidents and repairs, emergency medical services, household incidents, etc.)
  3. Miscellaneous: (Transportation, vision & dental, education fees and supplies, etc.)

Payouts from the Resiliency Grants program will function solely as direct payments to vendors or retailers for the identified needs. Individuals approved for the grant will not receive the award as a direct payment.


Qualifying applications will be handled on a case-by-case basis, with approval depending on submitted documentation and a required Monthly Budget worksheet that confirms the applicant’s and/or household needs. The worksheet will be completed by the applicant and United Way’s case manager. As one-time grants, each request will need to demonstrate clear impact on long-term resiliency of the household and will be paid directly to the approved vendor (landlord, utility company, childcare center, etc.). In addition, grants will only be approved for individuals and families that are guaranteed ongoing case management through the referring agency for at least six (6) months after the approval of the grant.

Throughout the spectrum of programming and initiatives offered by United Way, efficient financial relief has the potential to close important gaps in household resiliency, academic achievement, and financial stability. The impact of the program will unite each of the organization’s focus areas, creating a more secure foundation for individuals, students, and families to build a brighter future.

United Way looks forward to supporting our community with proven, impactful resources like the Resiliency Grants program. Thanks to a strong network of philanthropic partners, programs like the Resiliency Grants will have a lasting impact on the communities that we serve for years to come.

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