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Bank Accounts

Research has shown that automated savings make it easier to save for life events such as college, retirement, and unforeseen emergencies. However, many low income households face barriers to accessing affordable financial products & programs. UFFE helps to remove these barriers and provide access to vital services.

Emergency Savings Accounts:  UFFE provides clients with opportunities to create and use emergency savings accounts to reduce frequency and usage of "payday" loan services.  ESA's goal is to have three to six months of living expenses in a savings account.

United Way of Santa Barbara County has partnered with local banks to offer low cost and in some cases free savings accounts for low income families in Santa Barbara County.

Montecito Bank & Trust:

First Step Savings
When your children open their first savings accounts, it should be an event that helps to instill a lifetime of prudent financial decisions. Personal Bankers are happy to sit down with your kids to help them learn more about the power of saving.

Savings Account
Our savings account is the perfect account to use for all kinds of savings plans, and it comes with the peace of mind of FDIC protection. Open up your new savings account at Montecito Bank & Trust today, and start a healthy new habit – without even breaking a sweat.

Union Bank:

Savings Accounts
Whether you are saving for the first time or adding to a longer term savings goal, we have the solutions to help you achieve your goals.  Earn tiered variable interest rates, compounded daily.  Open a Regular Savings account for just $50.

Kidz Savings
For children 8-12, opening a Kidz Savings account introduces your child to the importance of saving in a way that’s fun and rewarding.

Teen Savings
For teens 13-17, opening a Teen Savings account rewards your teen with more control over savings and spending, offering an ATM card and online banking day and night.

Community West Bank:

Personal Savings Account
This option provides a basic savings account that offers a competitive interest rate, full liquidity and a low minimum balance requirement.

Bank of the West:

Classic Savings
Start saving today with our Classic Savings account and auto-save.  Unlimited deposits and withdrawels at a local brank.  Low opening balance and minimum balance requirements.