Financial Literacy Education

United for Financial Empowerment delivers bilingual, high quality, community based financial literacy education to family and student audiences. UFFE provides financial literacy classes through workshops and financial literacy fairs.

UFFE is working hard to build awareness in the community of these services that are available to low and moderate income families.


Here are some online resources for financial literacy education:

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy

The Actuarial Foundation

Better Money Habits


FDIC Money Smart

Feed The Pig

Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara

Institute for Financial Literacy Distance Learning Programs

Jumpstart Coalition for Financial Literacy

Junior Achievement

Money Talks

Montecito Bank and Trust "Teach Children to Save the Day"

National Financial Educators Council

Operation Hope “Banking on our Future”

Office of Controller of Currency

The Simple Dollar Debt Payoff Calculator

Wells Fargo “Hands on Banking”