Alma's Success in Fun in the Sun

Alma only showed up a handful of times during the first weeks of Fun in the Sun.  When she was present she was silent, refused to participate and would ask to go home because of a "stomach ache."  But Alma's classmates were astute and noticed she was isolating herself.  They decided to include her in everything they did.  During a field trip to a swimming pool, Alma refused to go into the water.  That's when three girls came up and invited her to play.  Soon, all four girls were giggling and having fun.  In the midst of her insecurity, the community reached out and welcomed Alma.  Near the end of FITS, Alma's mom called crying with emotion and told us her daughter had come home happier than she had ever been.  ALma was changed.  She felt welcomed, encouraged and excited for the coming school year and another summer of Fun in the Sun!


*To preserve anonymity, the names in the story have been changed.