Building Better Futures

Legos have become one of the most prolific toys of all time. Simple, polychromatic, plastic blocks have been tweaked, remixed, and configured in a multiplicity of formats. You can find Legos that create a farm, Legos for 3 year olds, or Legos that replicate the Millennium Falcon (Star Wars).

Legos have such a robust usage because, at their core, Legos represent an essential human value: the desire to build.

Humans build basilicas over centuries, we build neighborhoods, we build ornate furniture, and we build cultures. The instinct to create is deep inside all of us. Humans are especially inspired to build when we are aware of a need.

United Way of Santa Barbara County is entering its own season of building. Throughout our 92 years serving in Santa Barbara County, we have created and managed strategic partnerships with hundreds of local agencies and organizations. Today, we are compelled to address the educational, financial empowerment and health challenges in Santa Barbara County.

We realize that these goals are difficult; that is why we are not pursuing them alone. A community is enriched when individuals, organizations, and governments all work together. United Way of Santa Barbara County currently partners with 206 different organizations to meet these goals. We need more resources that can provide the expertise, time, and finances required to build a hopeful future.  

Many members of our community have already been incredible partners. We thank them and the many others who will join with us in the upcoming year, but collaboration is not a one-time goal, it is value of civility that requires continued commitment to work together.  By asking for partnership, we are asking our community to come together for something bigger than ourselves.

With your help, we are Building Better Futures Together!