Fun in the Sun "Fun Friday" Pool Party

On Thursday, July 7th, Fun in the Sun students from Franklin Elementary returned to the Montecito Family YMCA for another afternoon of fun in the pool. Having passed their swim tests the previous week, students displayed remarkable confidence: with the help of YMCA instructors, those in one corner practiced swimming strokes unaided by flotation devices; in another, cheers went up from the pool wall as two students pushed through the water side-by-side in a friendly test of aquatic speed. From a third corner, Giovanni Villafana of Pod 4 called me over to show off the back float he’d just mastered - with head back and stomach up, he hovered serenely on a bed of water, undisturbed by shouting and splashing. The fourth corner, however, proved the favorite by far: young soccer players brought their skills from the field to the pool, and a rousing game of water polo became the highlight of the afternoon.

In addition to confidence and enthusiasm, Franklin FITS students brought good behavior and manners to the Montecito YMCA. These qualities caught the attention of the poolside staff, who complimented the entire group on their cooperation, responsiveness, and respect for pool rules. This compliment earned each student a Franklin FITS “Tidal Wave Buck” from Site Coordinator Stooky Hernandez, bringing everyone a step closer to attending the weekly “Fun Friday” party. Great work Franklin FITS scholars!