Improving Education in Santa Barbara

United for Literacy (UFL) is UWSBC’s largest initiative and consists of numerous programs that aim to improve education within the Santa Barbara community. One of the various programs that fall under UFL is Kindergarten Success Institutes (KSI).  The program operates 3-4 weeks before the start of kindergarten, where students learn school-related behaviors that are essential to their success throughout their schooling.

Krista Munizich, a KSI teacher at Canalino Elementary for the past 15 years, believes that KSI gives students an opportunity to really build the foundational skills they need while learning how to write their name, how to use pencils, and other basic early educational skills that provide a solid foundation for a child’s educational career.

Krista and United Way’s other educational partners were recognized at United Way’s 19th annual Red Feather Ball on  December 5, 2015 at the Coral Casino.  Krista Munizich and her husband were part of the 250 guests in attendance that night, which honored Janet Garufis and the Santa Barbara Foundation.  Krista was also featured in the Fun in the Sun/United for Literacy video that premiered at the ball, emphasizing the importance of improving education locally and early.  Proceeds from the Red Feather Ball directly benefit the national award winning Fun in the Sun and United for Literacy.  This year, the ball raised nearly $250,000.