The Success of a ULC Student

Ralph*, a bright, inquisitive student excelled in math but struggled with basic reading skills.  Though Ralph was getting ready to enter 4th grade in the fall, he was still reading at the 1st grade level.  Ralph's parents listed reading improvement as the primary learning goal when they enrolled him in the United Learning Center (ULC) Summer 2014 Pilot Program.

Ralph began using ULC's foundational reading program,Lexia Core5, a research-based online program designed to accelerate reading skills for pre-k through 5th grade students. Ralph was immediately motivated by the program's personalized, interactive digital lessons to stay engaged and advance his reading skills.  He even worked with the program at home nearly every day, exceeding our recommendations.  After just 8 weeks, Ralph advanced a full grade level in reading.  Wow, what an amazing achievement for any student!

Ralph's growth during the ULC Summer Pilot prompted his parents to enroll him in the ULC Program during the school year. Ralph's reading skills have continued to improve, and he recently began using Reading Plus, ULC's rigorous Common Core aligned silent reading program.  Reading Plus helps upper elementary through college level students improve silent reading rate, comprehension, and academic vocabulary while engaging with increasingly complex text.

At ULC, Ralph has the freedom to learn new skills and thrive in a safe, supportive, and focused learning environment.  We also support his specialized school based learning goals through instruction and written progress updates.
Ralph is just one example of a student with learning differences who can find confidence, motivation, and success through our programs.

*To maintain privacy, the student's name has been changed for this story

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