Medical Services Discount Card

UWSBC is working hard to guard and improve the health of those most vulnerable in our community - seniors and low-income families.

About the Health Services Discount Card

To improve health in Santa Barbara County, UWSBC is now offering medical services discount cards to help all local residents save money on their prescription drugs; vision, and hearing care; lab work; imaging; diabetic supplies; and even veterinary care.

How it Works

All participants need to do is show their card for the appropriate services to receive an automatic discount, which averages 45% off the regular cost. UWSBC partners with two organizations to provide maximum discounts on qualifying prescriptions and services.

For Prescriptions & Veterinary Prescriptions: Click here to print out your free Paramount Rx discount card.

For Prescriptions, Vision, Hearing, Lab Work, Imaging, Diabetic Supplies, and more: Click here to print out your free Coast2Coast Rx discount card.


Since its inception in 2009, the program has been a huge success. On average, residents fill 38,000 prescriptions per year using their Health Services Discount Cards, resulting in savings of over $1.7 million. Without this program, many residents would have to choose between feeding their families and getting the prescription they need. By ensuring that county residents have access to their medications, we keep chronic conditions from becoming serious, improve the quality of people's lives, and reduce the strain on public assistance and emergency medical services.