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Online Literacy Tools

UWSBC incorporates three accelerated, internet-based, Common Core State Standards-aligned, and highly customized academic improvement programs in:


Lexia Reading (Pre-K to 3rd grade level readers or struggling readers) develops foundational reading skills necessary for future reading success (phonics, basic vocabulary, automaticity/word recognition, and comprehension).

Reading Plus (3rd to adult level readers) builds reading fluency, comprehension, speed, and vocabulary skills.

These programs are designed to work synergistically to help readers of all current age/grade levels (no matter how low) master the skills (i.e., phonics, automaticity/word recognition, comprehension, speed, comprehension, and vocabulary) necessary for improvement. In conjunction with UFL’s other components and coaching, these online literacy tools accelerate the user’s progress to at or above his/her age/grade level in a shorter amount of time than traditional reading improvement methods.


Stride Academy (Pre-K to 11th grade) builds core skills to help students master math courses at any level.